As part of 26+, a project with the aim of developing a typeface based off of an object, Anthony is a semi-serif font created as a first foray into typeface and specimen book design using Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs.
Inspired by the Braun BN0031 Watch, Anthony's design was, through much sketching and iteration, imbued with elements from the watch. The perfectly circular counter was inspired bythe shape of the watch face, and the interesting shape of the serif came from the shape of the bracket that attaches the watch strap to the body.
The Specimen Sheet shows off the entire character set as well as the fonts used in sentences and some of its features close up.
The Specimen Book, showing off everything from the design processs to Anthony being used in various sizes, was bound with a clip-board style backing. This backing was hand-made out of aluminum, and not only was it sandblasted to provide the same final finish as the Braun BN0031 Watch itself, but the profile of the clip mechanism shares the same shape as the serif in the font.
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