As part of a typography course at Concordia University, students were tasked with creating their own vision of a poster for ATypI 2017, the Association Typographique Internationale's typography conference hosted yearly in Montreal. The theme of that years show was Atypique, or Atypical.

Drawing on various sources of inspiration, and limited by using a maximum of two colours and the text that needed to be on the poster, various iterations of the poster were made until a final idea was landed on. Below are the first twelve black and white iterations.

From these first twelve, six were selected and iterated on using playful colour palettes.
However, before the final poster thanks to a little bit of sudden inspiration, a new idea was pivoted to, taking a more tactile approach to the work.

Using a playful typeface, wooden letterforms were made with the help of a CNC router to spell out ATypI. These forms were used to create various other iterations of the poster with a more tangible look to them.

From these, a favourite was selected and to it a more colourful, fun, treatment was applied to leave the final poster.
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