For an exhibit on display at Concordia University entitled LETTER FORM[S3], this project consists of a pair of 3D letters and accompanying label cards that draw inspiration from the various examples of signage around Montreal.
The first of the pair is a letter "M" in the typface Hurme Geometric Sans 2 Bold. It was found on a map mall directory from the Montreal Eaton Centre.
The sharp corners of the glyph are complimented by the use of welded 3/16" steel rod to create the frame. The steel frame is contrasted with the hemp cord webbing. This contrast is made to exemplify the two sides of any mall or shopping centre; the manufactured, industrial, factory side of the fashion industry, and the beautiful textiles and fabrics of the clothes that come out of the fashion industry.
The second of the pair is a letter "K" from the logotype of the Clarks store in Place Ville Marie.
To me, Clarks will always be synonymous with the Desert Boot, and the Desert Boot will always be synonymous with travel, adventure, and exploration. I took inspiration from this and make the glyph built like a topographic map. It is constructed out of laminated layers of 1/8" plywood, carved out on the CNC, each progressively more cut away.
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