The Shiitake Mushroom will always, regardless of the orientation of the surface it grows off of, orient its cap perfectly vertical for optimal dispersal of fungus spores. Following that bio-inspiration, this floor lamp, part of a product line also including a desk lamp, wall lamp, and ceiling lamp, will always orient the bulb perfectly vertical regardless of the position of the lamp arm.
Constructed out of locally sourced, thick cut, hardwood maple, as well as milled aluminum, the lamp features an exposed LED Edison bulb, an adjustable arm with three positions, and beautiful modern design. 
Aluminum pegs allow for easy disassembly and multiple positions for the lamp's arm.
The lamp is designed for dissassembly and with Cradle to Cradle principles in mind. This not only makes transportation and shipping easier, but makes the eventual recycling of the lamp much more practical and efficient for proper product life cycle and environmental consideration.
Front leg and rear two legs can be slid apart with a lathed dowel and grove for easy disassembly.
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