Inspired by the aesthetics and tactile interaction of vintage Hi-Fi Audio systems, the Lamplifier is a fully functional, ready-for-market and ready-for-manufacturing, prototype of a lamp built with proper sustainability in mind.

Rather than sustainable products that often either look clearly recycled, or sacrifice aesthetics, structure, or functionality to be sustainable, this lamp would be 100% sustainably sourced and built while maintaining the finish, form, and function of any other high-end design piece; sustainable or not.
Knurled Steel knob with standalone electronics housing allows for dimming of the light. Plexiglass is purposely translucent for view of internal wiring and hardware to meet the industrial, modern design of old stereos.

The beautiful task lighting is powered by three 3V, incredibly energy efficient, high-powered LEDs designed for low power consumption and heat generation.
Built for disassembly, every single nut, bolt, piece, and part of this lamp can be taken apart and recycled.

The only exception in this prototype to that statement is the plexi-glass. However, for theoretical mass-production, the plexi-glass will be substituted with a bioplastic that achieves the same visual and structural characteristics while being fully biodegradeable.
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